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49. Ozzy Osbourne

In the first decade of the new millennium, the medium of television became overrun with reality television. Other portions of this website may discuss the merits of reality T.V., but never have we had felt the need to incorporate that discussion in terms of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With Ozzy Osbourne, we may have to reevaluate that position.

Black Sabbath

The first real Heavy Metal band in the Hall could very well be the most important.  Sabbath took music to dark pounding places and they helped to propel the genre to new heights.  Although they are in the Hall, they should have been a first ballot inductee easily.

Inducted in 2006.  From Birmingham, England 

19. Ozzy Osbourne

The heavy metal god hosted Monday Night Raw (with his wife Sharon) and was arguably one of the more entertaining guest hosts they had.  Ozzy Osbourneā€™s 2009 Raw appearance was not his first foray into the ā€œEā€, as twenty-three years prior he appeared at Wrestlemania 2 in the corner of the British Bulldogs.  That night, the Bulldogs won the WWF World Tag Team Championship.
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