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6. The Smiths

The next group is a band that has been considered one of the most important groups of the 1980’s. Although, The Smiths were a far bigger deal in their native England than they were on the other side of the Atlantic; though finding many passionate fans of The Smiths in North America is far from difficult.

503. Morrissey

We can’t imagine that anyone would doubt that should Morrissey crack the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it should be with the Smiths before his own solo career. Despite that statement, Morrisey’s solo efforts generated multiple hit singles (in England) and spawned critically acclaimed albums. His lyrics remained poignant, and with a voice as unique and as powerful as his, gaining attention was never a problem. Again we state, that his candidacy for the Hall really should only begin (once or if) the Smiths get inducted.
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