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6. The Smiths

The next group is a band that has been considered one of the most important groups of the 1980’s. Although, The Smiths were a far bigger deal in their native England than they were on the other side of the Atlantic; though finding many passionate fans of The Smiths in North America is far from difficult.

91. Buzzcocks

If there is a Mecca in the British music industry it would have to be Manchester. It is there where we have our next entrant; The Buzzcocks. Although they did not have the same impact as the Sex Pistols, a band they opened for, their influence in the Punk world may be almost as important.

92. Suede

One of the most important bands of the BritPop era, Suede was a pivotal reason that the British music scene moved back towards guitar driven songs as opposed to the heavily distorted shoegazing sound that dominated British Alternative in the years previous. Suede was one of those few bands that lived up to the hype that the critics bestowed on them, and if there is any criticism on them (and this is a big one) it is that they did not crash down the doors in the United States. That fact makes it exceptionally difficult for them to enter the hallowed halls in Cleveland. 
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