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Brewster Baker

Brewster Baker
We have no problem saying that we are a fan of Kenny Rogers; although we qualify that by saying we are referring to the early 80’s Country Pop dynamo with the rugged good looks who knew how to “hold em”, and not the one who became the poster boy for, with his Liberace like makeover.

Rogers starred as Brewster Baker in the racing film “Six Pack”, where he is trying to get back to the big leagues, AKA: the NASCAR circuit. Along the way, he encounters a group of orphans who had stolen parts from his car, and rescued them after their van goes into a river. Naturally, he takes in the kids and of course helps them escape a corrupt Sheriff (Of course it is a corrupt Sherriff!) and hilarity ensues. Actually hilarity didn’t happen, and really the film is an attempt at a Hallmark moment with a Kenny Rogers soundtrack, on an oval track.

For our Fictitious Athlete HOF purposes, the film does give an authentic feel with the use of actual NASCAR footage and other scenes around racetracks. That probably isn’t enough to get the “Gambler” into our Hall.

12. Kenny Rogers

“The Gambler” would have three runs with the Texas Rangers, where he would gave them three All Star seasons, one of which was at age 40.  Rogers spent thirteen of his twenty seasons as a Ranger where he had a very good record of 133 and 96 with 1,201 Strikeouts.

431. Kenny Rogers

The first thought of Kenny Rogers these days may revolve his ill advised plastic surgery but there was a time when Kenny Rogers was the undisputed king of Country Pop and his crossover appeal was off the charts. Ironically, this could work against him in terms of the Rock and Roll Hall, as he was not Rock enough for the Hall nor was he Country enough to have the same respect that the Outlaw musicians had. Still, there would be much more bizarre Country based choices than “the Gambler”.

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