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Hod Stuart

Another player from the inaugural Hockey Hall of Fame class from Ottawa, Hod Stuart may have played on multiple teams for various leagues, but don’t confuse him for a journeyman. Stuart was a star defenseman everywhere he went, and like many in his day was a very good athlete in other sports (Stuart also played football with the Ottawa Rough Riders). By all accounts, he was a class act and an early champion for salaried leagues and equitable pay. Stuart was also a major advocate for clean hockey as he was very much against the violent turn that the sport had taken, and governed his actions on the ice accordingly. He would win his lone Stanley Cup with the Montreal Wanderers in 1907 but would not have much time to enjoy it. Stuart retired from the game at the age of 28 (though he easily could have returned) and took a job with his father doing construction. A freak diving accident (he hit his head on the rocks in the Bay of Quinte as he was unaware that they were there) killed him instantly. A memorial game was put in place the following year that featured the Wanderers against an All Star team of ECAHA stars. It is considered the first All Star game in Hockey.
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