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Coach Ernie Pantusso

Coach Ernie Pantusso
This may sound morbid, but we kind of thought that “Cheers” improved after the death of Nicholas Colasanto and thus the death of “Coach” Ernie Pantusso. Ironically, this would usher in the character of Woody Boyd, who may not be a Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame nominee, but his portrayer, Woody Harrelson, has given us many.

‘Coach” was a shade above (or maybe below) retarded, and based on an episode showcasing his ability to be hit by pitches (and to the head), we think he may have taken one too many, as his intelligence had to be constantly questioned. Still, despite our criticisms of the character and our preference of the shows comedic value after he departed the show, there have been many others who preferred the show’s tone with him and felt it was an overall better program. The beautiful thing here is that this is open for your vote, and we are very curious to see where the Coach winds up on the ballot.

The Bullet Points:
TV Show Appeared:
Cheers (1982-85)

Nicholas Colasanto

Role Portrayed:
Coach of the Pawtucket/Boston Red Sox

Why you should vote for him:
Many have considered the program better with him on it.

Why you should not vote for him:
Many have not.


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