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Bruce Dickinson calls out the Rock Hall

We love this.

Another significant figure who is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has stated his contempt towards that institution.

That man is Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson who in a spoken word tour in Australia had this to say when asked by a fan if he thought that Iron Maiden should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He had this to say:

Absolutely. I actually think the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is an utter and complete load of bollocks, to be honest with you. It’s run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock and roll if it hit them in the face. They need to stop taking Prozac and start drinking fucking beer."

That sounds pretty rock and roll to us!

The heavy metal band has been eligible for the Hall since 2004 and has never been nominated.

Iron Maiden is ranked #14 by us on Notinhalloffame on or list of those to consider for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As always we can’t get enough of the drama!

13. Iron Maiden

Heavy Metal is one of those genres that will generate more passion from its listeners than most. Recent inductee, Metallica suffered a minor backlash for cutting their hair and softening their sound in the 90’s to become more commercially viable.  Yet as successful as Metallica was, they may not be the Heavy Metal band with the most die hard fans. Iron Maiden might just have that honorary title.

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