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Carl Spackler

Carl Spackler

Caddyshack (1980)


Did you know that a few Baseball and Football franchise Halls of Fame have inducted groundskeepers to their respective Halls of Fame?  Chances are they did a better job than Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) who plied his trade at the Bushwood Country Club.

We do know for certain, that Spackler is the most quoted groundskeeper of all time, and for almost all of us, the most memorable.  

This is the man who ogled middle-aged women, discussed his experiences with relatives of the Dalia Lama, loved his grass (literally), “ate doody” and feuded with a gopher.

As strange as it all sounds, Caddyshack would not have been half of the movie without him, and we have one of the many films where we worship the genius of Bill Murray, and with that we are inducting our first character from Caddyshack.

The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Carl Spackler to the Class of 2015.

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