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RIP: Flip Saunders

A sad announcement took place in the world of professional basketball as Flip Saunders passed away at the age of 60 after a battle with cancer.

Saunders, who played his college ball at the University of Minnesota, would immediately begin a coaching career following his stint with the Golden Gophers.  He would work his was up the ranks where he would become a Head Coach in the CBA and work his way to becoming the Head Coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995, a position he would hold for a decade.

He would take Minnesota to multiple playoff appearances, but never deep though with the exception of Kevin Garnett, he really did not have the horses to accomplish that.  He was let go in 2005 and Saunders would go to the Detroit Pistons for a few seasons and continue to win games there.  After being let go from Detroit, he would coach the Washington Wizards for a few seasons until he returned to Minnesota prior to the 2014/15 season.

Saunders would shortly be diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and would delegate many of his duties to his assistants though there was a lot of belief that he would be returning to active duty soon.  This was not to be as Flip Saunders dies shortly after the announcement of his Cancer diagnosis.

Flip Saunders retires with a .524 Head Coaching Record and a reputation as being one of the good guys in the game.

He will certainly be missed and we here at offer our condolences to the friends and family of Flip Saunders at this time.

The Top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves of All-Time are now up

This is a long process isn’t it?

As many of you are aware, we are in the process of working on another series of lists here at  That is the Top 50 players of every major North American Franchise.  As such, we are proud to present our second team (all of which whose order has been chosen at random), the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Granted, we know that Minnesota has not been an overly successful franchise, but the process means that we have to do them all!

Clearly the number one choice is obvious, the recently retired Kevin Garnett, but the fun part is watching this list change with it being a young franchise.

We will give you the top five now for those of you interested:

1. Kevin Garnett

2. Kevin Love

3. Wally Szczerbiak

4. Terrell Brandon

5. Tom Gugliotta

Who are the rest?

You can find them here:

We will be unveiling another franchise from Minnesota, the Minnesota Vikings.

As always, we here at thank you for your support!

3. Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett was the first player drafted in twenty years to come from prep to pro.  There were many who were concerned that this was too far a leap for anyone to make.  They needn’t have worried.

40. Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell may never have been the best player on any team he was on, but didn’t it always seem that as soon as he got to a team, they got better? Cassell was a great locker room guy, a good leader, an efficient passer and a feisty defender. He is the only player in NBA history to play over ten years and win a championship in his first and last campaign. Yet, when you play for eight different squads and only appear on one All Star Team (and again was never the go to player), is he really a Hall of Famer? Probably not, but didn’t you want him on your team?

#41. Karl-Anthony Towns: Minnesota Timberwolves

With Towns, it feels so familiar in that we have a star Timberwolves player who has to be getting frustrated playing for a team that is going nowhere.  We know this is a player with only four seasons under his belt, so clearly, his seven-year Elite Period stats are going to grow.  Already a two-time All-Star, this is a player that we are going to be watching intensely for the next ten years.
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