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Charles Tillman Retires

A very significant retirement took place in the NFL that perhaps is not getting the attention it deserves. 

Now former Defensive Back, Charles Tillman has announced that he is calling it a career after thirteen seasons, all but one of with were with the Chicago Bears.

Tillman was drafted in the second round in 2003 and quickly the Cornerback would be forced to compete against elite wideouts in the NFC North.  Tillman would accumulate 38 Interceptions and in 2012 was named a First Team All Pro.  He was also a two time Pro Bowl Selection. 

While he may not have the credentials to be a future Pro Football Hall of Famer, he will eligible in 2021 for those inclined to vote for him.

We here at would like to thank Charles Tillman for the memories and wish him best on his post-NFL career.

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6. Chuck Howley

There is a significant case to be made that the most disrespected player on this list is Chuck Howley.  We don’t feel that way because he has not been inducted; we feel that we because he has never made the ballot!
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60. Olin Kreutz

Spending all but one of his professional seasons with the Chicago Bears, Olin Kreutz was chosen to represent Chicago six consecutive seasons in the Pro Bowl. The former Center was a mainstay on Chicago’s Offensive Line for years and was selected to the NFL 2000’s All Decade Team. As a star Center, he might have an interesting case for the Professional Football Hall of Fame.
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62. Jay Hilgenberg

There were many stars of the Chicago Bears throughout the 1980’s and many were flashy and unforgettable.  Jay Hilgenberg was an unsung hero of that squad and an anchor of the Offensive Line.
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