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Billy Autrey

While we don’t expect a swell of support for Billy Autrey, we wonder if some will vote for him for the same reason that we nominated him: the nickname he was given of “Bueter”.  He did come off as a bit of a dick though didn’t he…or at the very least someone you would give a not so flattering nickname to if he was in your social circle.

Charlie Willoughby

Charlie Willoughby was the philosophizing Pitcher who likes to keep it weird and listen to a lot of Pink Floyd.  He also posed as a University student despite being age 30 and long since surpassing his eligibility.  If this ever comes down to who you want a smoke a joint with the most, he would be a lock.  


While Jake Bradford was the center of the Richard Linklater film, “Everybody Wants Some!!” the soul of the film was arguably “Finnegan” the cerebral player for the Cherokees.  Played by Glen Powell, this was the character that entertainment revolved around, regardless of plot.

Glen McReynolds

Every team has a best player and with the Southeast Texas Cherokees College Baseball Team, it was Glen McReynolds, the probable future MLB player who was hyper-competitive.  As such, how can the best player from this team not be considered?

Jay Niles

“Practice like you Play”.  The bespectacled hurler who was allegedly drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays, Jay Niles was not somebody you wanted to party with, or even hang around really.  While that was true his desire to win and compete was admirable…and psychotic.

Kenny Roper

Kenny RoperIn the Richard Linklater (eventual classic), “Everybody Wants Some!!”, Ryan Guzman played one of the head horndogs, Kenny Roper, on the Southeast Texas University team.  Does his libido make him a contender here?  He is a college guy, so of course he is supposed to have a strong sex drive, but that hardly makes him a strong contender.
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