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4. Mike Mussina

Of all the interesting candidates who became eligible for the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame, Mike Mussina’s resume could be the most interesting of them all. He received little attention from the press as his year of eligibility matched with Greg Maddux & Tom Glavine. His career numbers are very good, but the perceived Hall of Fame milestones were not hit.
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23. Rafael Palmeiro

At the time of the infamous steroids trial, Rafael Palmeiro seemed to come off so good.  Of course when you are sitting next to a man who suddenly suffered from amnesia (Mark McGwire), a man who suddenly forgot the English language (Sammy Sosa) and the man who broke the “bro code” (Jose Canseco) a defiant and confident sounding Rafael Palmeiro could not help but look good.  A few months later, Palmeiro was suspended by Major League Baseball for testing positive for steroids.

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