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The Wonders

Wonders The
One of the strongest entries on the ballot has to come from the Tom Hanks 1996 film, That Thing You Do. The movie is the story of an early 1960’s one hit wonder, (called the Wonders appropriately) and their rise and fall. It was a very good film that was fun and gave us a catchy song that sounds perfect for the era it represented. We would be surprised if this did not enter the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a quick fashion.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
That Thing You Do (1996)

Tom Everett Scott (Guy “Shades” Patterson, Drums)
Johnathon Schaech (James “Jimmy” Mattingly II, Guitar and Lead Vocals)
Steve Zahn (Leonard “Lenny” Haise, Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Ethan Embry (T.B. Player, Bass and Backing Vocals)
Larry Antonino (Scott “Wolfman” Pell, Guitar)

Songs you might remember:
That Thing You Do

Why you should vote for them:
They meet every conceivable qualification you should be able to think of.

Why you should not vote for them:
Does being even a fictitious “one hit wonder” work against them?


The Wonders "Reunite"

For most people this isn’t news. 

Of course, most people don’t own the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Last night at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, three of the four actors who portrayed “The Wonders” took to the stage and played their hit in both fiction and reality, “That Thing You Do”.

Present was Tom Everett Scott (Guy), Jonathan Schaech (Jimmy) and Ethan Embry (T.B. Player) and they donned matching white shirts and black ties.  Scott, even put the shades back on for the impromptu reunion!

While most sites view this as a fluff piece, this is anything but to us!

We are a couple of weeks away from announcing our Semi-Finalists for the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Wonders have reached that level in both of the years of our Hall’s existence.

Does this “reunion” bode well for the Wonders making our Hall?

You can vote for them here:

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