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19. Rick Tocchet

Rick Tocchet began and ended his playing career with the Philadelphia Flyers which sandwiched seasons in Pittsburgh (where he would win a Stanley Cup), Los Angeles, Boston, Washington and Phoenix but he would score 508 of his 952 Points in the National Hockey League with the Flyers.  Tocchet was a bruising power forward who while he would have great individual seasons elsewhere was a player who was synonymous with the ethos of Philadelphia.  Notably, the only season that he would finish in the top ten in Hart Trophy voting was as a Flyer (1990-91).
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64. Rick Tocchet

When Rick Tocchet entered the National Hockey League, he seemingly did so with the strength of his pugilistic skills. Tocchet still fought, but by his fourth season he emerged as an effective scorer as well. Tocchet was as hard nosed as they came and was the quintessential power forward of the game. The popular winger won a Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh and though he played for six different teams throughout his career he was always among the more popular. Tocchet did score a lot of points, but it may not have been enough to gain entry. Let’s hope that Rick Tocchet isn’t betting on his chances.

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