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Joe Kingman

Joe Kingman
Disney plus the Rock plus Football equals…..well it equals a Football movie that isn’t much about Football, nor does it feature a Dwayne Johnson that is very interesting. As Joe Kingman, Johnson is a star Quarterback who is a playboy (though Disneyfied), and beyond a few cute scenes, we aren’t given much here. It is a lot better than the “Tooth Fairy” at least.

Spencer Strasmore

Football player turned financial advisor actually isn’t that hard to believe, but it doesn’t make good copy to talk about the outside success of players (outside of broadcasting or coaching) aren’t talked about much.  So can we believe that Spencer Strasmore did that career change from the NFL
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3. The Rock

When The Rock called himself the most electrifying man in sports entertainment he wasn’t kidding. There has been no wrestler before or after who was could captivate an audience like he could. The amount of wrestlers who have tried to segue over into Hollywood is long but only Dwayne Johnson became a megastar in that medium. Vince McMahon has often been quoted that he was not in the wrestling business but that he was in the entertainment business. It seems that no past employee of Vince ever personified that statement better than the Rock.
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