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RIP: David Bowie

You will have to forgive me.  I am at bit at a loss in how I want to handle this one.

Running this website, I have had to do a lot of pieces on those who passed away.  It is a hazard especially for running a website focusing on Halls of Fame as many of the people I write about are considerably older than those who are regular visitors. 

Sometimes, like last year when “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died, I let my emotions do the typing, as a mechanical biography of his life wouldn’t cut it for me.  That is how I feel right now as right before I was going to go to sleep I learned of the passing of David Bowie, the musical legend who passed away tonight following a secret eighteen month battle with cancer.  He was 69 years old.

David Bowie tackled more genres and won than any other musician that existed.  Art Rock.  Hard Rock.  Glam Rock.  Dance Pop.  Electronica.  Disco.  Soul. 

He put out acclaimed album after acclaimed album, influencing musicians, and artists of every form.  Last week, he put out what will be his last album, Blackstar, which to no surprise was another masterpiece.  He has the most diverse catalogue of music of any musician and I plan on listening to as much as I can this evening.  I am not going to be able sleep tonight anyway.

Farewell, Thin White Duke.  You will always be a legend.

David Bowie

Possibly the best “chameleon” in Rock history and potentially the most influential solo superstar ever there can be no doubt that David Bowie’s career is with its own Hall of Fame building adjacent to the main one in Cleveland.

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