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Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman

Kirk Buchner, "The Committee Chairman", is the owner and operator of the site.  Kirk can be contacted at [email protected] .

Curt Schiling headlines the Red Sox HOF

One of the most enduring franchises in professional sports, the Boston Red Sox has added to their Hall of Fame. Formed in 1995, the Sox HOF has a long list of inductees, which includes sixteen men who are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. To be eligible for the Red Sox Hall, a player must be retired for at least three years and have been a member of the Boston squad for three seasons.

This year’s class is headlined by Curt Schilling, who has unfortunately been in the news for financial issues, rather than baseball related ones. Schilling is a strong candidate for Cooperstown and was one of the pitchers responsible for bringing the World Series to Fenway after a lengthy absence.

Schilling is joined by Marty Barrett, who was Second Basemen for much of the 80’s for Boston. His best season was 1986, where he had career highs in hits and OPS and captured the 1986 ALCS MVP. Outfielder, Ellis Burks was also inducted. Burks spent his first six season in Boston and won a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove while playing there. He did have more productive seasons after in Colorado, though the Coors Field effect may have assisted in that regard.

Going old school, 1940’s Pitcher, Joe Dobson was also named to the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Prior to and after World War II, Dobson won over 100 games while with Boston. Dutch Leonard posted 90 wins for Boston in the 1910’s including a league leading ERA of 0.96 in 1914.

They are joined by Joe Mooney, who has been employed by the Red Sox since 1970 and John Taylor who owned the franchise from 1904 to 1911.

We congratulate all of the new inductees to the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame.

Randy Johnson & Dan Wilson enter the Seattle Mariners HOF

At some point we plan to look at every franchise in the big four sports and look at their respective Halls of Fame and their retired numbers. As such, we would like to officially congratulate Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson who have been named to the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame.

          The Mariners have always been an intriguing team to us, as despite the vast talent that has passed through the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has never been to the World Series. Johnson is a legitimate Cooperstown Hall of Famer and spent seasons in Seattle where he won a Cy Young and 130 wins. He is joined by Dan Wilson, who likely won’t be entering the Baseball Hall. The long time Catcher was a very popular player for Seattle, and likely is their best player at that position.

          We again congratulate them both and look forward to working on each franchises “not in hall” list.


2019 Future Rock Additions

Gang, as we move onward and upward we go back to our original concept which was the ranking of bands/artists for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  As such, we are looking at the artists we have from 2013 to 2020 and are adding those we think we have missed.  once completed, we will be going forward to 2025. 

We have already uploaded additions for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.  Today we have a lot more new additions for the 2019 section.  They are:

Basement Jaxx
Belle & Sebastian
Brian Setzer Orchestra
Jamie Foxx
Lisa Loeb
Machine Head
Method Man
Paula Cole
Soul Coughing
Unwritten Law
Veruca Salt

As always, we encourage you to check them out and cast a vote!




Baseball HOF Weekend

This is definitely one of our favorite weekends as we celebrate the game of Baseball and the induction ceremonies of the Baseball Hall of Fame. As much as we are critical (and will continue to be) of the process of this particular Hall, the fact remains that this is the most treasured Hall of Fame in all of Sports, and on this day we would rather be congratulatory rather than mean tempered.

This weekend Cooperstown will welcome two very worthy additions in Ron Santo and Barry Larkin; both of which were players that we ranked highly on our site. Santo is a Veteran’s Committee addition, and a sabremetricians delight. The popular Chicago Cub passed away last year before he was able to see this honor that he so richly deserved. We only wish that this committee would have put him in when he was on the ballot prior, or the Baseball writers when he was on the ballot fifteen times previously.

Santo will be joined by former Cincinnati Reds Shortstop, Barry Larkin. Larkin will be entering on his second year of eligibility and is another deserving candidate.

We congratulate them again, and look forward to attending future festivities. We think that we should start doing that soon!