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Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman

Kirk Buchner, "The Committee Chairman", is the owner and operator of the site.  Kirk can be contacted at [email protected] .

Alex Kovalev Retires....Again

We have another retirement to announce in the world of sports, and with this we present what we consider to be a bubble candidate for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Alexei (Alex) Kovalev made a brief return to the National Hockey League with five points in fourteen games with the Florida Panthers. Kovalev’s comeback extends his HOF clock to the year of 2016, which will be the first year that he will be considered eligible.

Kovalev made history as the first Russian born player to be selected in the first round of the NHL draft. Barring another comeback, he will finish his career with 1,029 points which as of this writing places him 70th overall. Throughout his career, he has showcased solid seasons in New York, Pittsburgh and Montreal and was a three time All Star Game participant. Kovalev was selected to the Second Team All Star squad late in his career with the Habs in the 2007-08 season, and was a Stanley Cup winner in 1994 with the Rangers.

Although he did hit that 1,000 point mark, he never got the century mark in a season and he only had one campaign where he finished in the top ten in scoring (a fourth place finish in 2000-01). The problem is that the Hockey Hall of Fame does have players who have a similar track record, though many of those have more rings than the talented Russian. We don’t think he is a Hall of Fame player, but is certainly worthy of a top 100 rank in 2016. Now, where do we put him?

Rock List Revised: Nirvana now #1

For us at, THIS is the start of our calendar year. It is where we return to where our site originated from; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For those of you who have just discovered us, we launched our ever growing website based on our frustration on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and unveiled and ranked 500 acts who we thought should get a look. To make it more interactive, we allowed you to vote on our selections, and as such, those votes have altered our ranking.

The last two years, we had Rush hold the top spot on our list. As you are aware, the Canadians have finally entered the Hall of Fame, and we have the privilege to replace them on the list. That entry will make its debut on the top 500.

Before we go into that we would like to thank our regular contributors, DDT and Spheniscus for giving their input. We would also like to thank all of you for your votes and comments as we do take them into consideration and rankings do alter because of them.

Nirvana will take over as the number one act that we deem worthy of the Hall of Fame. We do think that might be a little controversial, though not necessarily because the band should not get inducted. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are clear on their website that an act is not eligible until it is twenty five years after their album. Unfortunately, the Hall itself has not always followed its own rules.  

This was shown by the induction of Smokey Robinson in 1987, who was inducted as a solo act (as opposed to with the Miracles, who only got in recently), despite only being a solo for fourteen years.

The controversy for us here is that their first album was released 24 years ago, though their first single was 25 years ago. As we want to follow the 25 year rule, we constantly debated internally whether to list them this year, but as the Hall often has their own agenda, we decided to err in what we think is the side of caution.

Basically it is this. If they do in fact deem Nirvana eligible, they are likely to get in right away. If they follow their own website rule, than they will get in next year. We are fairly certain on that! With all of this let’s take a look at the newest entries in the 2013 Notinhalloffame Rock and Roll List:

#1 Nirvana

Whether or not you think they are the best Grunge band or not, this much is certain: They changed the format of FM radio and MTV for what we will argue is the better.

#112 Phish

Here is the Jam band entry. Their type has not received a lot of love from the Hall of Fame, and we really don’t expect that to change here.

#139 Tracy Chapman

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has showed a lot of love for Singer/Songwriters. We hate to play this card, but one who is African American, female and homosexual (presumed) would play well in those circles. She may not have had as many hits as others, but Songwriters with less have entered.

#142 Fugazi

Hardcore Punk is represented here, and though the Punk genre has some representation in Cleveland, we suspect that there a few others from the past that should receiver their due first before Fugazi gets a real look.

#150 De La Soul

If you think Hip Hop should not be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you will continue to be disappointed. It is very clear that Cleveland loves the genre (as do we) and that one such act might be inducted every year. De La Soul received a lot of critical acclaim and they meet that innovation slot that the Hall claims to love. This is a very possible induction in the next few years.

#213 Living Colour

You may not remember this, but shortly after their debut, FOX started a sketch comedy show (that launched the careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Lopez) with the same name became far more wide known. History is looking back at both the band and the show kindly, but neither Living Colour (nor Jamie Foxx or J-Lo) will likely be nominated anytime soon.

#318 Mudhoney

Get used to this. There are a lot more from Seattle coming in the next few years.

#332 Melissa Etheridge

Although we have her ranked low, her chances are a lot higher than many others ranked in the 300s.

#340 Morrissey

Truthfully, until the Smiths get inducted this has no legitimate shot.

#347 Underworld

There are a lot of Electronic acts (Kraftwerk of course) that should get a look first before Underworld. As this site continues, Electronica will be on this list a lot more.

#500 Gwar

Okay, we just want to see an acceptance speech from these guys.

Gang, the rules have not changed. All of these are up, and ready for your comments and votes. Thank you all and keep letting us know what you think!

Booker T to the WWE HOF

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, the WWE has announced their latest entry into what we consider to be the best Hall of Fame Class ever. Current Smackdown General Manager, Booker T. Booker is a multi-time champion in WCW and the WWE and held the World Championship in both promotions.

Although Booker T still looks like he could compete on a regular basis, he is nearing the age of 50, and looks to be ceasing hi in ring career. We applaud the WWE for this induction and congratulate Booker T, and we can dig that! Sucka!

The 1969 Hockey HOF Class is up

Our work on the existing Hockey Hall of Fame Classes continue. We have now made our way to the year of 1969. This group was a solid bunch, though none remained household names. The Class of 1969 is:

Al Leader

Bruce Norris

Bryan Hextall

Red Kelly

Roy Worters

Sid Abel

Gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes and let us know whether you think they deserved their Hall of Fame induction. Look for upcoming classes soon!