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184. Herman’s Hermits

The British Invasion brought all types of Rock stars to the United States. Most of them had a look and a new sound that scared parents, but if any seemed “acceptable” it might have been the upbeat and unthreatening Herman’s Hermits.

194. Johnny Rivers

In an era of the British Invasion and Motown, there appeared to be little chart room for anyone else. One of those exceptions was Johnny Rivers whose live albums may have showed he had more love of Rock and Roll than anyone else ever could.

149. The Grass Roots

Let us pose an ethical question shall we? Is it wrong for us to want to see the Grass Roots inducted into the Hall of Fame, just so we can see an acceptance speech from their former bass player, Creed Bratton (of the Office)? Maybe it isn’t the worst reason to want to see a band inducted, though we are sure that there are many fans of the Grass Roots who would prefer to induct them based on their love of their melodic Pop offerings in the 60’s and 70’s.

187. America

Many a Rock band had an ironic name or they just simply took the name of the geographic place they were from. In the case of the band America, neither was true. They were basically a British Folk Rock band who chose a name that paid homage to their American parents.