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Chubbs Peterson

Chubbs Peterson
We would be lying if we said that we ever saw Apollo Creed as a rubber handed golf instructor, but that role has to be Carl Weather’s second most well-known character. (Sorry, Action Jackson)

Chubbs Peterson was on his way to a successful career prior to having his hand bitten off by an alligator. Making a living as a golf instructor, Peterson finds a young prodigy named Happy Gilmore, who has an incredible drive, but no putting skills. Gilmore would eventually seek Peterson out for his help, and with a hockey shaped putter, Happy would learn that skill, but not before the horror of seeing the head of the alligator that took his hand (Gilmore beheaded the creature when he saw him in a pond) caused him to fall backward through an open window to his death.

It may not seem like a glorious ending, but Gilmore won the championship based on Peterson’s teaching; all with a Jedi-like ghost appearing at the end overseeing the victory of his pupil. Actually, isn’t that a better ending than Apollo Creed had?

Actually we find it perfect that Chubbs Peterson and Apollo Creed are entering the Hall in the same year.

The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is happy to welcome Chubbs Peterson to the 2016 Class.
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