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Jane Aubrey

Jane Aubrey
Generally, we don’t include girlfriends as potential Contributors, but since “For Love of the Game” is half RomCom and half sports films, we thought this was worth a nomination.

Although we personally far preferred the intricacies of Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) on the mound, the relationship between Chapel and Jane Aubrey (Kelly Preston) was half of the movie, and since she was billed second in what was a respected sports film, she deserves a nomination. Also, we want to throw her a bone for being the beard for Travolta for so many years.


The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
For Love of the Game (1999)

Kelly Preston

Role Portrayed:

Why You Should Vote For Her:
We’ll say this; she was one of the better girlfriends, or at least one of the most multi-dimensional in terms of character.

Why You Should Not Vote For Her:
It’s a girlfriend role. That is probably not what a lot of people think that this Hall of Fame should be about.


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