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Here is another curious entry on the ballot. Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) was the leader of a surfer/criminal organization, and the sport of surfing was a vital part of the film. Still, the competitive aspect of the sport was not present in Point Break which may taint the chance of anyone from this film entering the Hall. We will say this though; watching Bodhi surf that final wave into an impending end is one of the better cinematic ends to a character on the ballot.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Point Break (1991)

Patrick Swayze

Why you should vote for him:
Did anyone look the part of a surfer more than Swayze?

Why you should not vote for him:
The sport was showcased, but not in competition.


Derek Sutton

Derek Sutton
In watching “Youngblood”, we still are not sure if Patrick Swayze was a real good actor, or just someone who did not stink while surrounded by idiotic lines and weak acting. Maybe, it is a bit of both. As Derek Sutton, Swayze was the star Centre for the Hamilton Mustangs (despite Swayze being 34 years old at the time, fourteen years older than the oldest player in Junior Hockey) and was thankful to be in a sport for “middle sized white guys”. He was the leader of the team, which is until the Hollywood injury to the opponent’s goon took him out. Of course he was avenged by Rob Lowe…..wait, the guy from Road House was avenged by the Oxford Blues guy? That can’t be right.

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