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45. Larry Johnson

Here is another player more known for his college accomplishments than his pro years. Larry Johnson was the leader of the Runnin Rebels that dominated the first few years of the 90’s. An NCAA title in 1990 was followed by an undefeated year that was trumped by a huge upset by Duke in the Final Four.  Johnson was arguably the greatest junior college player ever and when Jerry Tarkanian recruited him to UNLV he became the centerpiece of the great Rebel teams.  With his ability to post up and rebound down low combined with the ability to get up the court and finish and a good mid range game, Johnson was a man amongst boys. His pro career was very solid mainly with the Hornets and Knicks but not spectacular except for one fall away miracle that will be on highlight films forever.  His career stats in the NBA do not match up favorably but his college career should give him a chance.

66. Reggie Theus

How many other players can say they are one of the top 50 all time scorers as well as top 25 all time in assists. And how many of these are shooting guards?  Well the answer would be two.  Jerry West is one of them.  Yes, that Jerry West, the image behind the NBA emblem for the last 30 years. And the other guy?  Well that would be none other than one Reggie Theus.  I am pretty sure Mr. West got into the hall in his first year of eligibility.  As for Mr. Theus?  Well he’s still waiting.  Why you may ask? 
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