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21. Glen Rice

Glen Rice just maybe the most effective outside shooter of the 90's. Reggie Miller got all the hype but Rice was actually a better scorer and was a 6 foot 7 shooting guard who was almost impossible to defend.  He was the star and leading reason the Michigan Wolverines that won the 1989 title and he set a record for scoring of 184 points in the tournament that still stands today.  Drafted number 4 overall by the Heat following the 89 season, Rice became the expansion team’s first bonafide star. 

25. Rudy Tomjanavich

Rudy Tomjanovich has a very unique case for Hall of Fame selection.  His accumulative stats suggest that he is not worthy, as he scored just over 13,000 points and grabbed just over 6,000 rebounds in a 12 year career.  However, there are extenuating circumstances with Rudy T.  First Tomjanovich was a great college player at Michigan who still holds the career record there for rebounds and that turned him into 2nd overall pick by the San Diego Rockets.  He became a standout with them and was hugely popular with the fans when they moved to Houston.  He was not just popular, but very good; making 5 All-Star teams. 
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