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38. Robert Horry

If you look at the career statistics or even the season stats of Robert Horry, you would not think that he belongs on this list at all. However, the man known as “Big Shot Rob” won seven NBA Championships with three different teams, and was known for always performing in the clutch. It was not a misnomer, as constantly when the need was at its greatest, Horry was at his best.  Those seven championships were no accident and though his stats do not reflect it, this was a player, everybody wanted to have on their team.

88. Latrell Sprewell

Probably better known for his antics off the court (choking a coach and his complete inability to manage his finances), Latrell Sprewell was a very good basketball player in his prime. A very good two way player, the Shooting Guard constantly improved during his tenure in Golden State, which was until the famed incident with P.J. Carlesimo. He did rebound in New York and made his fourth All Star game, but degenerated upon arriving to Milwaukee and returned to being a pariah to the fans. Had Latrell Sprewell ever lived up to his full potential he may have been a fringe candidate for the Hall, but the odds of them touching ‘Spree’ seems distant right now.

115. Antonio McDyess

A powerful force in the paint, Antonio McDyess had a very good career going until 2001 when a severe knee injury rendered him only part of the player he used to be. Prior to that, he was really coming into his own with capable blocking and boarding skills and was rewarded with his first All Star appearance and a spot on the American Dream Team. He would rehab himself back into the rotation by totally reinventing his skill set and moving away from the paint to put up jumpers. It kept him in the league, but he was never the same force that he was again.
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