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Our Top 50 All-Time Toronto Raptors are now up

Our slow and methodical process of putting together the top 50 players from every franchise continues and it is just in time for the upcoming NBA season. Today we present one of the newest franchises, the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors have never won an NBA Championship, nor have they been to the Finals but as of this writing have had their best string of regular and post season success in the last few years. With a team this young this is not exactly an All Star team but that is to be expected and it will be fun to watch this list fluctuate in the coming years.

The entire list can be found here, but as per tradition we are offering the top five here.

  1. Chris Bosh
  1. Vince Carter
  1. DeMar DeRozan
  1. Kyle Lowry
  1. Jose Calderon
Up next is the recent loser in the American League Wild Card Game, the Minnesota Twins.

As always, we here at we encourage you to take a look at this new list and offer your opinions!

89. Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley was a key member of both the Bulls and Knicks in the 80’s and 90’s and built a solid reputation as a bruiser underneath.  He seemingly played forever and is high on some career accumulative stats such as games played and total rebounds but did not average double digits in either points or rebounds.  Sadly his legacy will be that of the guy who was traded right before the Bulls made their run and that fact alone should keep him out of the Hall.

#20. Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

There is a good chance that the Elite Period for Lowry is over, but if it isn't, a sixth All-Star Game will do a lot for his Hall of Fame cause.  Lowry missed a massive opportunity as Team U.S.A. did poorly in the FIBA World Cup.   Had the Americans won, Lowry would have been the second player to win an NBA Title and World Cup Gold Medal in a calendar year.

#21. Marc Gasol: Toronto Raptors

Marc Gasol just made history as the second player to win the NBA Championship and FIBA World Cup in the same calendar year.  The Spaniard is not the dominating presence he once was, but his International accomplishments have some pundits painting him as a lock.  It will have to as his overall NBA accomplishments show him as under the bar, but he does have that Defensive Player of the Year on his ledger.
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