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52. Otis Birdsong

One of the best shooters ever, Otis Birdsong could flat out score. A great scorer at the University of Houston, Birdsong became one of the great shooting guards in the NBA in the early 1980’s with both the Kings and the Nets averaging 18 points a game for his career.  Being a four time All-Star helps his case but low career totals (just over 12,000 points) hurts.

87. Ron Boone

One of the true gentlemen of the sport, Ron Boone was one of the few players who when the leagues merged who still had a productive career in the NBA.  A star in the ABA, Boone finished third all time in career points for that classic league.  He also made four All-Star games, had one First Team selection and was also an integral part of the Utah Stars championship in 1971. He finished with over 17,000 career points. 

90. Sam Lacey

One of the great unsung big men of the 70s, Sam Lacey led tiny New Mexico State to a Final Four in 1970 and still got no respect.  Perhaps this was because fellow big men Bob Lanier and Artis Gilmore were at this same Final Four!  He was one of the most consistent rebounders and defenders of the 1970s for the Kings and may be their most popular player ever.  Of course, we are referring specifically to the Kansas City Kings and they were never serious contenders.  Lacey is also one of the best passing big men the pros ever had and played in over 1,000 games placing him in the top 100 of that category.

99. Eddie Johnson

A great shooter throughout his long career, Johnson scored more points (over 19,000) of any player never to make an All-Star game.  Please do not confuse him with Fast Eddie Johnson, the point guard and a criminal who is incarcerated for life in Florida for many crimes. This Eddie is the real deal and a great player who was clutch throughout his career and had the smoothest jump shot this side of Silk Wilkes.
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