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Devin Hester

Special Teams has a major struggle to get recognized in Canton, Ohio, but do we have a case with Devin Hester who with the reduction of kickoff returns in the NFL could be the last great returner ever?  Some have even said he is the best ever.

Hodge Podge of HOF News

Let’s try something new here.

We’ll combine a few news items that we think our noteworthy in the “Hall of Fame” world. 

Let’s start with the WWE.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion was asked if he ever saw himself in the WWE Hall of Fame in the future.  He didn’t exactly imply he wanted in, nor did he have kind words to say about the institution itself:

“It’s such a fake Hall of Fame.  I’d only do it because I need the money. I don’t know if I would mother--- everyone or if I would take it graciously, but I don’t consider it a real Hall of Fame. It’s not like the Baseball Hall of Fame or the Football Hall of Fame. They let anybody in it, anybody who could draw money. The real wrestling Hall of Fames are in Iowa and Amsterdam, New York. They look for donations because they’re so broke, but they have s--- from the 1800s.

Vince’s Hall of Fame only has s--- from Vince’s company. If you didn’t work for his company, you’re not in the Hall of Fame. That’s nothing to do with how good you are, it only matters who owned them.”

Notably, Sabu inducted his uncle, The Original Sheik into the WWE Hall of Fame, and he is ranked currently #79 on our WWE List. 

In what is our constant news from the world of Curt Schilling, he told TMZ that he doesn’t care about the Baseball Hall of Fame anymore.

Whether or not he means that or not, the fact will remain that he will be intertwined with Cooperstown until he gets in.  Ironically, he will be less associated with the Baseball Hall of Fame if he were to get in.

As we have stated many times before, we know this story isn’t going away soon

Going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, former Head Coach, Lovie Smith has said that his former player, Devin Hester, who is expected to formally retire soon, goes down as one of the most prolific Returner in NFL history.  He is a three time First Team All Pro Selection, is 8th all-time in Return Yards and 3rd all-time in Punt Return Yards.  Hester was considered a game changer for years during his time as a Chicago Bear.

Should Hester retire, he will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022. 

As always, the world of Halls of Fames continue, and we will always be paying attention!  

Devin Hester Retires

It is official.

Devin Hester announced via Twitter in the best Devin Hester way possible that he would be retiring from professional football.

“I have good news and bad news. Good news: Commissioner Goodell, you can put the kickoff back at the 30. Bad news, Y’all will have to find a new favorite returner….

…Hopefully next time I see y’all it’ll be in Canton.”

Hester retires as the most successful returner all-time with 19 Return Touchdowns (plus one more on a missed Field Goal). 14 of those Returns came from Punt Returns, an all-time record.

Hester was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of 2006 out of Miami (FL) and like so many rookie receivers he was utilized as a returner. Hester blossomed in this role, leading the NFL in Punt Return Yards, Return Touchdowns and making First Team All Pro honors. Hester would play another seven seasons with the Bears, earning two more First Team All Pro Selections.

In 2014, Hester would play with Atlanta and at the age of 32 he would be again named a First Team All-Pro and was the NFL leader in Kick Return Yards.

While there is no question that Devin Hester will go down as one of the best retuners ever, we always ask one question here:

Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

Hester was regarded as the best at his position at one point, and we will argue that with the current rules he will be the last great returner in league history. He changed the way Special Teams coordinators thought and he gave Chicago (and Atlanta for one season) a dynamic weapon to be feared and was a popular figure. He also had another 16 Touchdowns as a Wide Receiver, with 255 Receptions, certainly a number that should add to his overall resume.

The problem of course is the Pro Football Hall of Fame and how they have treated Special Teams in the past. It has not been a stellar one, and this could easily hamper his road to Canton.

We here at will be ranking Hester once he is eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame (which will be in 2022), and expect it to be a high one at that.

Thank you Devin for the memories on the field and we look forward to seeing what you will do next!

Our 2022 Football Futures are now up

As always, with us at we are always adding sections. Today we are adding the 2022 Football Futures section.

The entries that are eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022 are:

A.J. Hawk: A Linebacker who spent most of his career with the Green Bay Packers and helped them win Super Bowl XLV.

Andre Johnson: A Wide Receiver who was a seven time Pro Bowler and two time First Team All Pro. Johnson, who was with the Houston Texans for the best part of his career was a two time Receiving Leader. He is also a three time NFL Alumni Wide Receiver of the Year. Johnson finished his career with 14,185 Receiving Yards and 70 Touchdown Receptions.

Anquan Boldin: A three time Pro Bowl Wide Receiver with the Arizona Cardinals, Boldin would win a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens later in his career. He retired with 13,779 Receiving Yards and 82 Touchdowns.

Arian Foster: Foster went to four Pro Bowls in a career spent predominantly with Houston. Foster led the NFL in Rushing Yards in 2010 and would twice lead the league in Rushing Touchdowns.

Branden Albert. Albert was a two time Pro Bowl Offensive Tackle.

Brandon Flowers. A Pro Bowl Selection at Cornerback in 2013, Flowers played for both Kansas City and the San Diego Chargers.

Chad Greenway. Greenway was a two time Pro Bowl Linebacker who spent his entire run with the Minnesota Vikings. He recorded over 1,000 Tackles over his career.

Chris Chester. Chester played eleven seasons in the NFL mostly at Right Guard.

DeMarcus Ware. Ware was a nine time Pro Bowl and four time First Team All Pro Selection and is one of best defensive players in Dallas Cowboy history. As a Cowboy, he would lead the National Football League twice in Quarterback Sacks and tallied 138.5 over his run. He would win a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos late in his career.

Devin Hester. Hester is considered to be one of the best returners of all-time and he is also a four time Pro Bowler. He holds the record for the most Special Teams Touchdowns in NFL history.

Evan Mathis. A two time Pro Bowl Selection, Evan Mathis was an Offensive Guard who won a Super Bowl Ring with the Denver Broncos.

Jake Long. The first overall draft pick of 2008, Long went to four straight Pro Bowls (2008-11) at Offensive Tackle.

James Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis played most of his career with the St. Louis Rams as their starting Middle Linebacker.

Jordan Cameron. A Pro Bowl in 2013, Cameron played Tight End in a career spent with Cleveland and Miami.

Justin Forcett. A Wide Receiver who played for eight different teams in seven seasons.

Pat McAfee. A charismatic Punter (Yes, that does exist), Pat McAfee was a two time Pro Bowl Selection.

Percy Harvin. Harvin was Pro Bowl Selection in his rookie season and the Wide Receiver would go on to win a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks.

Robert Mathis. Mathis is a member of the 100 Quarterback Sack Club who played his entire career with the Indianapolis Colts. The Linebacker went to six Pro Bowls and helped the Colts win a Super Bowl.

Steve Smith. Smith retired ranked seventh overall in Receiving Yards and Yards from Scrimmage. The Wide Receiver went to five Pro Bowls and in 2005 he would lead the NFL in Receptions, Receiving Yards and Receiving Touchdowns.

Tony Romo. Romo played his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys where the Quarterback was a four time Pro Bowler. He would lead the NFL in Quarterback Rating in 2014 and is third all-time in QB Rating.

Vince Wilfork. Wilfork was a five time Pro Bowl Nose Tackle who played most of his career with the New England Patriots. Wilfork won a Super Bowl with the Pats.

The entire list can be found here.

As always we thank you for your support and we look forward to putting together more sections up at

Devin Hester states he is a Hall of Famer

The Chicago Bears will be entering their 100thseason of Professional Football, former Return Specialist, Devin Hester was asked by Joe Greenberg of the Atlantic about his Pro Football Hall of Fame chances.

Hester had this to say:

“I have no doubt in my mind I will make it.  I know I will.  When it’s all said and done, there’s no question I will be a Hall of Famer.”

Hester is arguably the greatest Returner ever in NFL history but even if you agree with that, there has never been a return specialist who has entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  11,028 of his 14,455 All-Purpose Yards came from returns and he was a four-time Pro Bowl and three-time First Team All-Pro in that capacity.  He holds the record for the most non-offensive Touchdowns with 20.  

With the perception as the greatest returner intact, the question really is how the position is viewed.  As we know, Special Teams players struggle to get into the Hall and there are already a lot of high-end players (regardless of the position) that are still on the outside looking in.

Hester will be eligible for Canton in 2022 and his profile is already up on

Devin Hester will likely enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but not as quickly as he thinks.

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