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7. Mark Aguirre

Mark Aguirre was a star at the University of DePaul where he led the Demons to a final four and was a 2 time All-American.  Drafted number one overall by the Dallas Mavericks, Aguirre quickly became the face of the Mavs.  Aguirre proved to be a great scorer and the Mavericks became title contenders throughout the next several years though they could not get past the mighty Lakers. Traded midway through the 88-89 season to the Pistons for Adrian Dantley, Aguirre was reunited with childhood friend Isaiah Thomas and together they led the Pistons to two titles.  Aguirre averaged exactly 20 points a game over his 14 year career and will be remembered for his great ability to post up and score from the small forward position.

20. Terry Cummings

Terry Cummings was an All-American at DePaul in the heyday of Demon basketball during the early 80's.  He teamed with the likes of Mark Aguirre and Tyrone Corbin to lead dominant teams that never got over the hump during the NCAA tournament although they always seemed to be seeded number one.  Drafted second in 1982 by the San Diego Clippers, Cummings had a brilliant rookie season averaging 23.7 points and 10.4 rebounds a game and deservedly won Rookie of the Year. He was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks after the 83-84 season and continued to put up impressive numbers.  Cummings was a consistent twenty point scorer and ten rebound guy for most of his career and was one of the most reliable power forwards in the league. 

67. Rod Strickland

Simply put how in the heck did Rod Strickland never make an All-Star Game?  He is easily one of the best ten point guards in league history. Strickland is in the top ten for all time assists and 54th all time in games played.  14,000 points and almost 8,000 assists are pretty good career numbers.  Sure he bounced around a lot playing with a total of ten teams in his career but that just shows how malleable he was.  Strickland was a very good player who knew how to run a team and really knew how to get the ball to his teammates but never really learned how to get along that well with others and never was on a consistent winner; but he should have made at least one All-Star Game.
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