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118. The Dominoes

We continue our list with a Doo Wop group that practically predates Rock and Roll. Because of that fact, we once again had the struggle whether this was a group that belonged in the Roots and Influences category. Considering that they are not yet in, we have to wonder if the Hall of Fame committee is confused too.

Clyde McPhatter

Possibly the most copied R&B man of the 50’s and early 60’s, Clyde McPhatter was among the first to bring the Gospel sound to the R&B world.  Hopefully he will continue to gain more recognition in death than he did when he was alive.

The Drifters

Considered the link between 50’s R&B and 60’s Soul, there may be no other group that had a more beautiful sound than the Drifters.  They may not have written their own material, but these were the dream voices to write for.

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