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Huxley College (The Marx Brothers)

Huxley College - The Marx Brothers
As you have seen with the Athlete and Contributor section, we very rarely separate candidates, but even though the roles on the field were so different, how can we possibly separate the legendary Marx Brothers? You can’t and here we have Horse Feathers, where Groucho plays the President of fictional Huxley College and he begins recruiting for the football program (two of them being Harpo and Chico). Through turns of events that can only happen with the Marx Brothers, all four of them wind up on the gridiron where they score the winning touchdown on the back of a horse drawn wagon. Maybe they should try that in the Canadian Football League?

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Horse Feathers (1932)

Groucho Marx (Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff)
Harpo Marx (Pinky)
Chico Marx (Baravelli)
Zeppo Marx (Frank Wagstaff)

Roles Portrayed:
Administrator/Players on Huxley College

Why You Should Vote For Them:
There is a lot of Football in this movie and the ending game might be one of the funniest things in fictional sport cinema.

Why You Should Not Vote For Them:
It is such a farce (as per the Marx Brothers) there is nothing remotely believable.

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