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13. Michael Ray Richardson

Michael Ray Richardson was traded from the Golden State Warriors late in the 1982/83 Season and the then two time All Star would put up solid stats for his new team.  Richardson would lead the Nets in 1984 to their first playoff series win (over the Philadelphia 76ers) in the NBA and his 1984/85 season would see him put up a career high 20.1 Points per Game and he would win the Steals Title with a 3.0 Average.  That would be his highlight year as the next year he would suffer the tragedy of excess.

92. Michael Ray Richardson

Michael Ray Richardson could very well be the Dave Parker of basketball.  Michael Ray had all the talent in the world and was well on his way to a Hall of Fame career but cocaine got in the way.  When drafted out of tiny Montana with the fourth pick of the 1978 draft he was hailed as the next Walt Frazier as he had those kinds of offensive and defensive skills; and he did not disappoint.  He became the first player ever to lead the league in assists and steals in his second season and the Garden faithful loved him.  However, he was traded to Golden State as compensation for the signing of Bernard King.  Richardson would then be quickly dealt back to the East Coast where he was sent to New Jersey.  He led the Nets to one of the biggest upsets in NBA history in 1984 when they shocked the defending champion, Philadelphia 76ers.  Things soon unraveled after that and Michael Ray was out of the league by 1986 with a lifetime ban.  A four time All-Star and two time All Defensive First Team selection, Michael Ray had the talent to be an all time great.  Sadly, drugs got in the way.
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