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50. Maxie Baughan

Maxie Baughan fell out of love with the Philadelphia Eagles and demanded a trade out of the City of Brotherly Love, and the Linebacker would land in Los Angeles, which was about as far away as he could go.  Baughan would quickly become the Rams defensive captain, and he was a Pro Bowl Selection in his first four seasons as a Ram, which added to the three-year streak he had before with the Eagles.  He was also named a First Team All-Pro in 1969 and was named to the Second Team the three years prior.  Baughan retired after an injury-plagued 1970 season but came out of retirement briefly in 1974 for Washington.

Brian Westbrook and Maxie Baughan to the Eagles HOF

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that there will be two new members of their franchise’s Hall of Fame.

Brian Westbrook and Maxie Baughan will enter the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame officially on October 19, the date of Philly’s home game against divisional rival, the New York Giants. 

Westbrook would spend eight of his nine NFL seasons with the Eagles, where he helped the team make playoff after playoff.  He would finish with 5,995 Rushing Yards, 3,790 Receiving Yards with 66 Touchdowns as an Eagle.  This would be framed by two Pro Bowl appearances.

Maxie Baughan spend the first half of his twelve season career with Philadelphia.  Baughan earned five Pro Bowls and one First Team All Pro nod as an Eagle.  The Linebacker started all 80 of his Games as an Eagle.

We here at would like to congratulate both Westbrook and Baughan for earning this honor.

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24. Maxie Baughan

If you have an eleven-year professional football career and you make the Pro Bowl for nine of them, it can be widely assumed that you had a very productive career.  Maxie Baughan did just that, but because he spread those accomplishments across three teams, he is not specifically associated with any franchise, which may have hampered his recognition factor.

Baughan first cut his teeth with the Eagles and was a big part of their championship run in 1960.  He was easily the best defender on the Eagles, but as that team’s fortunes waned, he looked to be traded to a contender.  He took his skills to the Rams and later Washington, where at both stops he remained a perennial Pro Bowler.
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