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49. Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez is best known for his work with the Arizona Diamondbacks where he was a five time All Star and had the World Series winning hit in 2001, but he was an Astro first in his career.  Gonzalez batted .300 in 1993 with 162 Hits and in Houston he would but up his best defensive metrics.

5. Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez was a good baseball player before he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks but it was in the desert where he became an All Star and the team’s premier offensive threat.

Our Top 50 All-Time Arizona Diamondbacks are now up

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  We have a new one to unveil today, that of the Arizona Diamondbacks who won the World Series in 2001.

As for all of our top 50 players in basketball we look at the following: 

  1. Advanced Statistics.
  1. Traditional statistics and how they finished in the American League.
  1. Playoff accomplishments.
  1. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

Remember, this is ONLY based on what a player does on that particular team and not what he accomplished elsewhere and also note that we have placed an increased importance on the first two categories.

This list is updated up until the end of the 2017-18 Season.

The complete list can be found here, but as always we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

  1. Randy Johnson
  1. Paul Goldschmidt
  1. Brandon Webb
  1. Curt Schilling
  1. Luis Gonzalez

We will continue our adjustments on our existing lists and will continue developing our new lists.  Look for the Top 50 Chicago Blackhawks next.

As always we thank you for your support.

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99. Luis Gonzalez

Another very interesting name eligible for the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame vote is Luis Gonzalez. “Gonzo” has very good career numbers, with 2,591 Hits, 354 Home Runs and 1,439 RBI’s. His 48.0 career WAR is nothing to sneeze at either. The question that arises with Gonzalez is the major spike in his power numbers in his 30’s and that he had his best seasons in his second decade in the Majors. Although his name has never been associated with PEDs, he is often lumped in that category. As it stands, Gonzalez is probably a bubble candidate before the alleged controversy. With that cloud over his head, who knows what voters will think.
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