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A film that still befuddles us in some capacity, we still can’t figure out whether we like “Nacho Libre”. Jack Black is a favorite for many, and the film did not tank at the box office, but it was not exactly loved by critics, and it did not take Mexican wrestling to another level in popularity. As it stands now, Nacho Libre does not look like it has the legs to be a cult favorite, and without that status, it seems difficult to see Nacho making the Hall.

Tenacious D

Comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the Comedy/Metal duo of Tenacious D may have been considered a joke in some circles, but to others they were not just funny, but they were damned good.  Unlike other comedian/musicians, Tenacious D had musical chops, and could their own in the musical spectrum with their operatic style approach to Metal.
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