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Adonis Creed

Is there anyone with a better pedigree?

The illegitimate son of former Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed (also Adonis “Donnie” Johnson) would be adopted by Apollo’s widow and would learn his true birthright.  When you find out that you are the son of a legend, it makes you want to see what you can do in that field doesn’t it?

Leo "The Lion" Sporino

Leo “The Lion” Sporino was the son of Pete Sporino, a boxer who hoped that Rocky Balboa’s eventual trainer, Mickey Goldmill would take an interest in.  Leo would become ranked #4 in the word and would take on Apollo Creed’s progeny in a losing effort, but this is one of the better non-featured boxers in the Rocky franchise.

Pretty Ricky Conlan


Damn, the film “Creed” really does follow the first Rocky doesn’t it?

In the aforementioned film, Adonis Creed gains an opportunity to fight for the Light Heavyweight Champion, that being the braggadocios and soon to be incarcerated “Pretty” Ricky Conlan.  Conlan was undefeated, and spoiler alert, remained so after his fight with Adonis, but he left his native Liverpool still a hero and humbled at the same time.


Creed sold a ton of records in the late 90’s and were initially filled a void for many in a post Grunge world. It was a bit of a Catch 22 for the band as though they had a similar guitar sound, they were without the angst and brooding of their Seattle forefathers. As such they were panned by critics and trashed on the information superhighway. Regardless, that did not stop impressive record sales and though critically despised bands don’t enter the Hall, they can retire with large bank accounts.  
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