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Beth Phoenix named to the WWE HOF

The WWE Hall of Fame has announced another member of their Hall of Fame, and as projected by many sources, it is former Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix.

After a run in the developmental territory, OVW, where she was their women’s champion, Phoenix would debut in the WWE in May of 2006 as an ally of Trish Stratus who was then feuding with Mickie James.  It would be a shirt run, as Phoenix suffered a mandible injury that kept her out of action for nearly a year.  She would return in July of 2009, though this time as a heel and adopting the “Glamazon” persona. 

Over the next five years, Phoenix would be regarded as one of the strongest and most athletically gifted women on the roster.  She would become a one time WWE Diva’s Champion and three time WWE Women’s Champion, though her most notable WWE memory for most was appearing in the 2010 Royal Rumble where she eliminated The Great Khali.

The induction of Beth Phoenix continues the tradition of the WWE Hall of Fame inducting one female per year.

We here at would like to congratulate Beth Phoenix for earning this honor. 

More WWE HOF Inductors announced

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has announced additional inductors, as former WCW Executive and RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff will be inducting Diamond Dallas Page and current WWE Diva Natalya will be inducting former multi-time Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix.

Both Dallas Page and Eric Bischoff cut their teeth in the wrestling industry in the American Wrestling Association in the last 80’s.  The two, though not together would both have failed tryouts in the then named World Wrestling Federation but would find themselves in World Championship Wrestling, Bischoff as a low level announcer and Page as a mid card manager, though the two friends would find themselves ascend through the 1990’s in much larger positions. 

As Bischoff gained charge of WCW, Page would slowly morph into one of the top workers and would feud with Eric Bischoff and the New World Order, even so much as being on opposing tag teams on a WCW Pay per View.

In the case of Nattie Neidhart, she an on-screen pairing with Phoenix in a “pin-up string” tag team.  Both Neidhart and Phoenix were precursors to the “Women’s Revolution” and were both accomplished performers in the ring and were physically stronger than their peers.

This announcement adds to Jim Cornette as the inductor for the Rock and Roll Express, John Cena as Kurt Angle’s inductor, the A.P.A. as Teddy Long’s inductor and Ricky Steamboat inducting Rick Rude.

Beth Phoenix

Perhaps a few years ahead of her time, “The Glamazon”, Beth Phoenix was the perfect mix of beauty and strength and when she was booked properly was showcased as the top Diva in the promotion.  Phoenix was stronger than all of her female peers, but was built in a way where she didn’t look freakish or abnormal.  We would like to think she would have been showcased much better had she been around today.
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