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Billy "The Kid" McDonnen

Billy The Kid McDonnen
Grudge Match may not have been a fan favorite of the critics, but for many this was a fun throwback remembering two of their past favorite actors, at least that is how we viewed it. In this film, Robert DeNiro plays former Light Heavyweight Champion, Billy “The Kid” McDonnen, a braggadocios though successful man living in the past. DeNiro is able to flex his comedic chops, though not necessarily his muscles, as he physically just did not look up to this. Still, this is Robert DeNiro so we will give him a pass!


The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Grudge Match (2013)

Robert DeNiro

Why You Should Vote For Him:
DeNiro is a legend, even in roles that are beneath him.

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
With all due respect to DeNiro, there are more iconic fictional boxers than this.


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