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April Love

April Love
25 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
December 30, 1957 – January 5, 1958
Pat Boone
April Love

The quintessential late 1950’s crooner is back, though this might be arguably his weakest number one song.

“April Love” followed the Pat Boone formula. It was a soft song, which had the triple promotion of the radio, his television show and a movie of the same name.   The film did reasonably well, but neither the movie nor the song were memorable two years after.  

Still this is a snapshot of what we had in the first week of 1958. We have a song by a successful singer that had access to every significant pop culture medium of the day. This was huge to achieve chart success in the late 1950’s, and many years beyond.

That is a pattern we will see again and again, though few will have as little impact as “April Love”.

Seriously, do even the Pat Boone fans clamor for April Love in his set?

Not that we expect many Pat Boone fans to find this website.

Let’s move on.

Other Notable Songs that charted but did not go to number one in this time period: December 16, 1957 – December 29, 1957

12/23/57: Rock and Roll Music by Chuck Berry went to #8 and to #6 on the R&B Chart.
12/30/57: Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly peaked at #3 and went to #2 on the R&B Chart.[1]
12/30/57: Bony Maroney by Larry Williams went to #14 and to #4 on the R&B Chart.[2]

[1] Seriously, if I was alive in ’57, this would be my jam!
[2] This is a song that was one of my father’s faves. As such, it means a lot to me. Shouldn’t all your dad’s favorite songs have such a place?
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