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The Rutles

Rutles The
With all due respect to all of the other nominees, we don’t think there is any other act on the ballot that has created a more detailed backstory than the Rutles. This near perfect pastiche of the Beatles began on Eric Idle’s BBC Television Show, Rutland Weekend Television, which presented a brief documentary of the band. Idle paired with Neil Innes, formerly of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band who provided the music and the combination proved so popular that a full documentary “All You Need is Cash” was filmed was the first musical mockumentary of its kind.

George Harrison of the Beatles was a fan of the Rutles; so much so, he appeared in the film. Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Michael Palin also had prominent roles. An album of Beatlesque music was recorded which sold well in the United Kingdom. The rise and fall of the Rutles was documented so well, that we have to assume that this will be an early inductee for the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That is providing enough people in North America have seen it, and if you haven’t, do so immediately!

The Bullet Points:
TV Shows and Movie Appeared:
Rutland Weekend Television (1975-76)
Saturday Night Live (1976 & 77)
All You Need is Cash (1978)

Neil Innes (Ron Nasty)
Eric Idle (Dirk McQuiqley)
Ricky Fataar (Stig O’Hara)
John Halsey (Barry Wom AKA: Barrington Womble)

Songs you might remember:
I Must Be in Love

Why you should vote for them:
This is a Fictitious Band...that actually had a tribute album. Nobody else here can say that!

Why you should not vote for them:
They were not as big in the United States as they should have been.


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