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Dogs in Space

Dogs in Soace
We will admit that we have little reason to think that Dogs in Space will enter the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We also will admit that they are only here because INXS front man, Michael Hutchence was in it. The skinny is that this is a 1987 Australian film set in the 1978 Melbourne “Little Band Scene” and Hutchence plays the lead singer of the band, although the fans of the music receive equal time in this flick.

The Bullet Points:
Movies Appeared:
Dogs in Space (1987)

Michael Hutchence (Sam)
Nique Needles (Tim)

Songs you might remember:
Unless you are Australian, there are not any.

Why you should vote for them:
The music was decent, though again regional relatively speaking.

Why you should not vote for them:
Does a movie that had zero traction in North America deserve a place here?


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