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Tha Free World

Free World Tha
If you are going to have a movie about music, you still need bad guys right? In Eminem’s quasi-autobiographical film, 8 Mile, the “bad guys” were the Battle Rap group, “Tha Free World”. This group not only beat B. Rabbit with their lyrics, but with their fists. To nobody’s surprise, they lose at the end, but performed their role well. If B. Rabbit gets in, could their “evil” opponent follow after?

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
8 Mile (2002)

Anthony Mackie (Papa Doc)
Eugene Byrd (Wink)
Malik Barnhardt (Moochie)
Strike (Lyckety-Splyt)
Nashawn Breedlove (Lotto)
Day Golfin (Day)
Allen Adams (Omar)

Songs you might remember:

Why you should vote for them:
They were formidable opposition to B. Rabbit.

Why you should not vote for them:
Well, they did lose at the end after all.


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