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The Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience

Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience The
The animated gang in Arlen, Texas began jamming with their pre-teen neighbor, Kahn "Kahnie" Souphanousinphone, who has found that Bluegrass is a lot more fun than her classically trained violin skills. Feeling that they were good enough to enter the 15th Annual Old Time Fiddle Festival in Branson, Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, Bill and Kahnie travel there to compete, though the young fiddler found that Hank was just as demanding as her own father, thus taking all the fun out of the music.   

Naturally she is replaced by fiddling legend, Charlie Daniels, and somehow the mush mouthed Boomhauer has a singing voice just like Vince Gill. That is why we love cartoons!

The Bullet Points:
TV Show Appeared:
King of the Hill (2002)

Singing Voice: Vince Gill

The Fictional Band:
Hank Hill (guitar)
Boomhauer (Vocals and Banjo)
Dale Gribble (Keyboards)
Bill Dauterive (Washboard)
Kahn "Kahnie" Souphanousinphone (Fiddle)
Charlie Daniels (Fiddle

Songs you might remember:
Blue Moon of Kentucky

Why you should vote for them:
We admit to getting a kick out of Charlie Daniels getting into the Hall.

Why you should not vote for them:
Does a Bluegrass band qualify?


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