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2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1


  • Contest: 2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1
  • From the film adaptation of Josie and the Pussycats, we have Fiona (Parker Posey), who is the CEO of Megarecords. Record Executives are always evil (at least that is what we have learned in the fictional rock universe), but Fiona takes that to a new level. She is working with the United States Government to put subliminal messages on backing tracks to coerce unsuspecting youth to buy goods and services. As it turns out, her plans are foiled at a pay-per-view concert where Fiona accidentally broke the machine that creates subliminal messages. One of those messages was the one that she wanted to put out was to make everyone think she was popular to overcompensate for being an outcast in high school.
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Josie and the Pussycats (2001)
  • Actor/Actress: Parker Posey
  • Position Portrayed: CEO of Megarecords
  • Why you should vote:: Posey is great at everything she did.
  • Why you should not vote:: Taking over the world with subliminal messages? How diabolical!

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