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2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1


  • Contest: 2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1
  • First off, make sure you are pronouncing the name correctly as it is De-Boar-ah.

    In “PopStar: Never Stop Never Stopping," Deboarah (Maya Rudolph) is a representative of Aquaspin, a company that makes fridges and other appliances that broker a deal with Conner4Real to have his new album's songs appear when you use their product. The reaction was similar to when U2 songs appeared on your I-Phone a few years ago.
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: PopStar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)
  • Actor/Actress: Maya Rudolph
  • Position Portrayed: Aquaspin representative.
  • Why you should vote:: This character is played by Maya Rudolph after all!
  • Why you should not vote:: It is a small role, and how dare you do a musical parody film that has Maya Rudolph in it where she doesn't sing!

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