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2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1

Alexandra Cabot

Alexandra Cabot
  • Contest: 2022 Fictitious Rock and Roll Contributors -- Round 1
  • The sister of Alexander Cabot III, the manager of Josie and the Pussycats, Alexandra Cabot was always jealous of the band feeling that she should be the center of the group and gain all of the attention. She had a mean streak and would often scheme against the group, but if there were a greater threat, she would pull together with the band. For what it is worth (we realize nothing), there was something about that white skunk streak in her black hair that we kind of like.
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Josie and the Pussycats (1970-71)
  • Actor/Actress: Sherri Alberoni
  • Position Portrayed: We're not sure what she did.
  • Why you should vote:: We kind of like her hair.
  • Why you should not vote:: She served little purpose.

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