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#6. Russell Westbrook: Houston Rockets

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#6. Russell Westbrook: Houston Rockets
14 Oct
Russell Westbrook is entering his first season in Houston, and the former MVP has a lot to prove.  In his last year with Oklahoma City, Westbrook wasn't the team's best player.  That would be Paul George was.  Now he is set to team with his former OKC cohort, James Harden, and he isn't likely to be the best player this year.  While he does have some accomplishments (namely a Championship) that he is still chasing, the former MVP and above stats show him as a Hall of Famer already.

The Bullet Points

  • Elite Period PER: 26.0
  • Elite Period Win Shares: 71.5
  • Elite Period VORP: 49.4
  • All-Star Selections: 8
  • All-Pro Selections: 17
  • NBA Championships: 0
  • Additional Notes: Westbrook also has won 1 Olympic Gold and 1 FIBA World Gold with the United States. He would play two years at UCLA and was once the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year.