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2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2

Irv Blitzer

Irv Blitzer
  • Contest: 2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Cool Runnings (1993)
  • Actor/Actress: John Candy
  • Why you should vote:: It was a way to honor Candy.
  • Why you should not vote:: He was a reluctant mentor, and there are better coaches on the ballot.
  • An American did coach the Jamaican Bobsled Team in 1988, but he didn’t win the Gold in 68 nor was he disqualified in 72. The real coach was also not disgraced and became as obese as….let’s say…John Candy.

    Regardless, Candy is a comedic legend and was hired to present a contrast to the Jamaicans bobsledders in a family friendly way. It was not Candy’s funniest role, but he delivered what was needed.

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