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2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2


  • Contest: 2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: The Longest Yard (1974)
  • Actor/Actress: James Hampton
  • Why you should vote:: His subtle portrayal is one of the most undervalued performances in sports film history.
  • Why you should not vote:: You might prefer the Chris Rock version.
  • We think every time we discuss any character in the Longest Yard, we will open a debate as to which version is better: especially when we are talking about the same character in both of the films. For the record, we prefer the original, but respect the remake, and will leave it at that.

    With that said, although James Hampton did not have the comedic timing of Chris Rock, he did have the social conscious of the film in his portrayal and his subtleties that helped to make the goodness of others shine. As such, when he passed away in the movie it was more of a blow than when the same end happened to Rock. Somehow, buried in the criticism of the remake, is the forgotten portrayal of the original “Caretaker”; and that should not have happened.

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