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2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2

Ben Wrightman

Ben Wrightman
  • Contest: 2021 Fictitious Contributor Round 2
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Fever Pitch (2005)
  • Actor/Actress: Jimmy Fallon
  • Why you should vote:: You like to watch the Red Sox at the Bahhhhhh. (our attempt at a written Bostonian accent)
  • Why you should not vote:: Is a superfan really Hall worthy here?
  • There is something about the super fan that is a little scary. We love sports (as evidenced by this site), but to the extent that Jimmy Fallon does in Fever Pitch? We can’t say that we do. At the end of the day, the whole sad sack of the point of the movie (which was to put sports fandom in perspective) seemed to be ruined when the Red Sox cast of the shackles of lovable losers and actually won the World Series in 2004, which forced the ending of the movie to be redone. That renewed finish had Fallon and his love interest, Drew Barrymore attended the World Series “because they had to be there”. Incidentally, this kind of messed up the point of the movie. They probably should have based it around the Chicago Cubs.

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