The Rock and Roll Futures (288)

As we intend to make this website a constant work in process, we though it would be useful to discuss the future bands/artists who will become eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Many of these artists are still recording and/or performing and thus adding to their impending legacy. They will be in our future lists so please feel free to vote so that we can rank them accordingly when they become eligible.
He may not be the best known Fugee, but Wyclef Jean may be the most talented one. Upon the breakup of the Fugees, Jean was able to show the breadth of his musical skills which made him one of the most diverse Hip Hop artists of his time. That did not necessarily make him one of the most successful, for as though he remained in the…
An Experimental Rock band that is essentially Jamie Stewart and whoever is around him at the time, Xiu Xiu seemingly uses every instrument in the musical landscape while tackling dark topics.  Stewart can sound melancholy and angry all at the same time and exudes a poetic brilliance.  This is all fine and good but it is not a recipe for a Rock and Roll Hall of…
In 2003, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were definitely the “it band” and the buzz around them was electric.  While that has certainly cooled off, this a very respected group with a strong female lead, Karen O that made people harken back to groups like Blondie and The Pretenders.  Should the Hall look at Art Rock a little more an acclaimed group like this could have a shot.
Making a sizable dent in the Pop-Punk world in the mid-2000’s, Yellowcard sold a decent amount of albums and generated hits on the Alternative Charts. That being said this is not the most positively reviewed band of their genre, and that does seem to matter; especially when a lot of critics decide who gets in!
Always witty, somewhat quirky and all the way post-punk, Young Knives carved (excuse the pun) a nice little niche for themselves in their native England on the indie scene.  This isn’t exactly the mold of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee but they were too fun to leave off of our site.
If Heavy Metal is having trouble getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is there any real reason to think that any Metalcore band will enter? I think we know the answer. If any does, perhaps it might be the hard working Christian influenced, Zao from West Virginia who established a solid core following in the late 90’s….but again, who are we kidding?
They may have been from Orange County in the mid to late 90’s, but there were no Ska elements to their sound at all. As part of the Punk revival, Zebrahead managed to secure a solid level of respect within the genre, but that was about it, and even within Punk circles would have to be considered a log shot for the Hall.
A much respected Trip Hop group, London’s Zero 7 were masters of the Studio and utilized the Electronic spectrum to optimum ability. Unlike many acclaimed British acts, Zero 7 did manage to chart on the U.S. Market; albeit on the Dance Charts. It may not be Hall of Fame credentials, but they have a lot of their peers beat.  Throw in that they had the future…